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With the help of some cleverly programmed software, ranking high has suddenly become quite easy to do. Automatically generate seven unique types of links to hundreds of high PageRank websites, which Google has already stamped as authoritative.

Our unique posting engine slowly submits content day after day, exactly replicating a real human giving Google precisely what they want.

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SEO Gear creates high PageRank link wheels by spinning and submitting articles, blogs, videos, social media, documents, press releases, Web 2.0 and other niche site posts, giving you thousands of high-powered links.

Google loves to see people submitting links by hand. Problem is, it can be quite costly and time-consuming. That is why SEO Gear posting engine looks exactly like a real human posting fresh content.

There's no other software that can do what SEO Gear does. We are 100% Web-based. That means nothing to download or install, and you'll never manually do submissions. We are a true "set it and forget it" system.
Generate High-Quality High-PageRank Targeted Links
From Unique Content
Hundreds of authoritative accounts waiting to build links for your website
Submit articles, blogs, social media, videos, documents, press releases and Web 2.0 sites on autopilot
Build link wheels that shows Google the importance of your site, demanding a first page ranking
Custom-designed niche site profiles perfect for your website

SEO Hucksters Use To Game The Search Engine - NOT ANY MORE!
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You need to realize that cheating the search engines into thinking your site is a "top rank" site when it's really not is going to cause you more harm than good. If you try to trick Google, eventually they're going to catch you. And, when that happens, you're DONE. Game Over.

You see... the REAL "secret" to a long-term, first page Google ranking is to slowly and methodically give Google exactly what they want so you actually become a top ranked site... Exactly what SEO Gear does for its members, but without the several hundred dollar price tag SEO companies charge.


Build a large variety of authoritative links   Spintax supported for 100% unique content every time
Detailed reporting engine with CSV download   Deep linking to the inner parts of your website
Everything included with your membership   Keyword tag randomizer for unique unlimited keywords
Only high PageRank links built to your website   Pre-built accounts - start posting right away

Real Life Case Study Of SEO Gear... Highly Competitive Top Ranking

My site,, is now ranked #2 for the key term "Free Advertising" in Google and ranked #1 for the same high-traffic words in Yahoo, thanks to SEO Gear.

Before Hummingbird, I was in the #4 to #6 range. And this is not some lame keyword no one ever searches for. There are 3 billion other sites indexed for this search phrase. And out of those 3 billion sites, Google has concluded that my site is the second most relevant.

My sign-ups are well into the triple digits every day, thanks to Google, and it is all 100% free traffic because I took the time to do it right, using only the white-hat methods of SEO Gear.

Google sees exactly what I am doing, posting links slowly on high PageRank sites, day after day after day, and they reward me handsomely for it.

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We want you to feel secure when trying out SEO Gear with our Guarantee. Guarantee is for first payment only and SEO Gear membership may be canceled at any time. By completing purchase, you understand that you are purchasing a digital website membership that is a non-tangible product.

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