From the desk of Chris Douthit

I have been doing SEO for years and during this time I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning exactly what Google likes and what Google doesn't like, it has always been a hobby and interest of mine. I have done manual submissions, hired people to submit my content manual for me and I have also used just about every link building software out there. Every time I signed up to use some new link posting software I always worried about the same thing... if this software was going to get my site completely exiled from Google.

I spent more time trying to get Google to remove penalties from my sites than you can imagine. Four of my sites have received a penalty over the years and when that happens I know I will have to allocate a lot of time to trying to get Google to forgive me. In some cases it may just be better to move the whole site to a new domain.

Every penalty I have ever received was from using the wrong SEO link building software. In May of 2012 I decided to try another linking tool a trusted source recommended to me. I was marketing a new site and had just reached the bottom of page one in Google, my over all rank was 10. I thought this new linking system my friend recommended would push me up to the top of the page.  Long story short, three weeks later my site was completely gone :(

It wasn't that my friend gave me bad advice, it was that Penguin was released by Google just a few weeks earlier and what once likely worked well was wiped out by Google instantly. It did not take me long to realize that every other back linking software on the market was built before Panda and Penguin Google updates and none of them were really designed for the new Google. 

I started wondering if any linking software worked anymore. So many of them just build links on 0 or 1 page rank blog networks. This was fine before 2012, building a huge amount of low page rank links could score just as high as fewer high page rank sites. But after the Panda and Penguin, now all those 0 page rank sites where just spam hurting my ranking.

I decided to reevaluate all linking software I use to use, suddenly I noticed they were all claiming they were Panda and Penguin proof... but how could they be? They were all still doing the exact same thing they were doing before, they did not change a single thing with the software they were selling, they just typed on the sales page they were Panda and Penguin proof.

It became clear no matter what most other back link software sellers say, they did not really build their software with vital safe measures in place to ensure my website is safe. I was quick to realize just because a site says it is Panda or Penguin safe I should not believe it, it may take Google a few months to find me and remove my site from the search result page. By that time the linking software I bought already has my money and I just paid to kill my traffic completely.

I decided I had enough, why am I going to trust someone else to do what I already know how to do. I am not going to risk it. I am just going to build my own software that will do exactly what I want it to do. 

First it will build safe links to high page rank sites and form a linking structure that Google will think is totally natural. The linking structure that takes hours upon hours to do manually is mapped out specifically and key to ensure safe submission.   Then I get rid of all those 0 and 1 page rank sites and for that matter get rid of all the 2 page rank sites as well. I will only target page rank 3 or higher sites. In most cases sites around the page rank 5, 6 or 7 range.

Okay, now how to design the software. I always hated these desktop application systems, they require users to do all the sending from their own computer. A desktop application would be cheaper to develop for sure, but the wrong way to build the software I know.

First anyone who purchases a desktop linking tool would have to buy proxies and captcha breaking which is going to cost at least another $20 a month if not more. Most people do not know that when they buy such software, but later they are already invested so they decide to go out and buy the proxies and captcha anyway. Once they do that they now have to go out and sign up to site after site and create accounts on each site they want to submit to. This processes alone will take hours if not days to do. Who wants to do that? I know I didn't.

On top of that desktop application users now have to leave their computer on and running the software while it's working. Then if there is a new update to the software they have to download the new version and then delete your old one, then install the new one, then re-insert your old account files, what a waste of time!

Okay, so my software has to be web based, I will supplies proxies, captcha breaking and build in accounts with the membership, I do not want my customers to have to go buy more tools after they join. I want a web based solution that will ensure users can submit then close their browser and not have to think about it again, my server will do the rest. Customers will then not have to manually apply updates when we add or remove sites from the network, when there is an update it is already built in when they login... Perfect!

So now we have the creation of SEO Gear! I a simple to use web based application that allows you to set up your campaign once and let our software do the rest. And even though SEO Gear is the newest and most innovate software in the industry I am going to set my price to be the lowest of any competitor. Why? Because that is what I always do.

And that is how SEO Gear came to be. Enjoy!